June 25, 1951 marked the introduction of something new for the American public: CBS aired the very first commercial color TV program.
Unfortunately, very few people saw it because almost nobody had color TVs at the time. That’s not surprising, since – even several years later, a color TV sold for $1,295—the equivalent of $11,411 in 2015 dollars!
Contrary to popular belief, some things actually work better and cost less today than they did more than 60 years ago!
New Kitchen Ideas for June
Television sets aren’t the only things to change since the 1950s. The way we use our kitchens today (and how they look) has changed dramatically as well. Instead of being tucked away out of sight (presumably to hide the dirty dishes and cooking utensils?) today’s kitchens are generally the heart of the home, where family and friends gather.
That’s why today’s kitchen remodeling ideas include options such as:

  • Opening the kitchen to the dining room and/or family room
  • Redesigning the workspace to make it easier to use and host guests
  • Kitchen lighting that enhances work areas (task lighting) and creates ambience
  • Replacing worn countertops with surfaces that are both beautiful and durable
  • Larger windows that let in more natural light
  • Flooring materials that are stunning to look at and hold up to daily wear and tear
  • Installing cabinets that provide a fresh, modern look, while offering ample storage space that’s easy to access

If you’re having trouble imagining how your kitchen can be an open area where friends and family like to gather, talk us about ways to turn even an older, darker kitchen into a bright, welcoming space. We may have some practical ideas you haven’t even considered!
A Guide to Choosing Kitchen Cabinets
It’s relatively easy to say that you want to replace the cabinets in your kitchen with new ones that better reflect your lifestyle. The problem is that there are lots of choices. How do you choose cabinets that fit your sense of style, the kind of use you’ll give them—and your budget?
Consumer Reports has a helpful Kitchen Cabinet Buying Guide that walks you through the basic-but-important elements to consider before you commit to a purchase that can account to as much as 40 percent of your kitchen remodeling budget.

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