“Cabinets and cabinetry have always been a part of my life.”  – Ken Selle, Owner

The first time I went to work at Lloyd’s I was 9 years old. I started out mostly cleaning up sawdust and wood scraps. Over the years the owner taught me every facet of the business from building the cabinets to installing them and finally to selling them. I am here to tell you there is no better teacher on these subjects than my Dad, Lloyd, the founder of Lloyd’s Cabinet Shop.

Anyone can teach you the mechanics of the trade. What Dad taught me was how to make customers happy. It is in the details! He knew doing the little things right is what counts. He understood that a customer’s budget does not always match what they want, but he knew how to deliver what the customer wanted and stay on a budget without sacrificing quality or value.

He was an excellent example of how to give the customer more than what they expect. We did not have a tagline then, but his habits and the way Dad ran the business is the foundation of where our “Get More!” Process originated.

Today I am proud to say I use the same principles my Dad, Lloyd, taught me. All of the extra attention to detail my staff and I put into each job results in our customers Getting More when they spend their hard earned dollars at Lloyd’s Cabinet Shop. They get more individual attention, more choices, more value, more space and more features. More of everything customers expect.

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