September is upon us and with it, the drive to make the indoors a comfortable and beautiful space to spend time. Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting football season or want to make your home a space more conducive to your taste, remodeling your living room can be an excellent way to breathe new life into your home. 

Living rooms create a place for your friends and family to gather in your home. It’s vital that it fits your needs and reflects your personality. Here are four ways to transform your living room into a space you will enjoy for years to come: 

  1. Move Walls to Create a Design Space – If possible, moving the walls in your boxy living room to create a more open space can be a wonderful way to transform and modernize your home. This can help you add additional seating space and also helps avoid congestion during parties or gatherings.
  2. Add Built-In Shelves/Entertainment Center – Create a focal point and build in storage by adding built-in shelving around your television or fireplace. This helps you show off pictures and mementos around the part of the living room that typically draws the eyes of visitors and creates additional space for you to store books or other trinkets.
  3. Choose Light Colors to Create the Illusion of Space – Dark colors tend to make rooms feel closed off. To create the illusion of space, use light colors in your remodel. Avoid using bold, dark colors and select more subtle choices, especially on your ceiling! Draw eyes upward by using your lightest, most luminous color on the ceiling.

  4. Use Hardwood Floors – While the trend used to be carpet, many are starting to embrace hardwood floors as an alternative. They are easy to clean and can help visually elongate a room. 

Whether you’re eager to remodel your living room or have a different remodeling project in mind, we are ready to help create the room of your dreams! Give us a call today to start the process of transforming your Pinconning home.

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