Kitchens function as the heart of the home. It is where we create our nourishment, clean-up our messes, and, depending on whether or not you wear the apron in your house, try to sneak tastes of delectable treats.

Because kitchens are a central part of our daily lives, it’s important they act as both functional and beautiful spaces. Whether you’re updating an older kitchen or creating your dream kitchen, here are 4 ways to take your kitchen remodel to the next level:

  1. Add a Multi-Purpose Island – Adding an island to your kitchen can allow you to utilize otherwise empty space for a variety of purposes. Sometimes, simply creating extra counter-space and cabinet storage is a much needed boost for your kitchen. Other times, it makes sense to add your sink or stove top to an island if you want to create an opportunity to face your living/dining room or simply want to pull yourself away from facing a wall when cooking or cleaning.
  • Create Organization that Works for You – As you’re designing your kitchen, think about what is unique about your kitchen. Are you hoping to display a china collection? Do you use a lot of spices that you need to have easily accessible? Are you especially fond of your mixer but not so fond of leaving it visible on the counter? Consider what makes how you use your kitchen unique from others and then customize your organization to make your kitchen work for you.
  • Embrace Natural Light – Natural light can help your kitchen feel warm and inviting so try to expand upon the natural light options available to you. Can you add in a skylight? A larger window behind your sink? Embrace those options and let the sunshine in.
  • Install a Backsplash that Reflects Your Style – Use your backsplash as an opportunity to truly reflect your style and take your kitchen up a notch! Whether you prefer neutral minimalism or bold patterns, choose a backsplash that reflects that instead of one that simply blends in. Backsplashes can hide away or can be used to add a sense of flair.

As you think about remodeling your home, consider how some of these ideas might take your kitchen to the next level by increasing its organization and functionality.

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