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While the holidays might look different for many of us this year, there’s one thing that isn’t going to change – the importance of our kitchens. Whether you’re hosting Thanksgiving or simply doing holiday baking, the chances are that over the next few months, you’ll be spending more time than usual in your kitchen.

How to Improve Your Kitchen This Holiday Season

1. An Island Makeover

Could adding a kitchen island or transforming your existing one create more usable space? Whether you install an island for increased storage or cabinet space or decide it’s time to create an island sink or oven, utilizing a kitchen island is a great way to take advantage of floor space while keeping an open floor plan.

2. Soft Close Drawers

Extra time at home brings to our attention to small things that we may not have noticed, like extra sounds created from our drawers. Soft close drawers can be a great way to help minimize the sound in your home as you’re preparing for the holidays.

3. Under Cabinet Lighting

Under cabinet lighting is a relatively simple way to transform the feel of your kitchen. Having extra light makes your space feel more open and helps reduce kitchen accidents.

4. Double-Oven

Especially if you are hosting family celebrations, having an extra oven can be a wonderful way to increase your baking space. Not only can it increase your space, but having the ability to bake at multiple temperatures at the same time can ward off family feuds over oven space.

5. Change Your Layout

Ultimately, the layout of your kitchen can determine much of its functionality. If you’re looking to create a more open layout, or increase counter space, remodeling your kitchen to embrace an island-focused design or u-shaped kitchen can provide more functional space and be more conducive to entertaining.

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