A successful kitchen remodel needs proper lighting. Here are 3 types of lighting you need in your kitchen.

One of the most important parts of a successful kitchen remodel is also one of the most overlooked: Lighting.

It can make or break your kitchen’s appeal. But not all lights are created equal in your kitchen. It’s not just a matter of adding more light—it’s a matter of what kind of light and where you install it.

3 Types of Lighting You Need in Your Kitchen

1. Task Lighting

You’ll want plenty of light for tasks like cutting, chopping, washing, etc. Choose lights that illuminate the surface and won’t have you standing in your own shadow. Consider directional lights and under-counter lights to make daily tasks easier.

2. Ambient Lighting

These are the lights that set the tone and mood in your kitchen. Often, you’ll want to have these lights on a dimmer. They can be brighter when you’re preparing a meal or doing some other task and then they can be dimmed to a comfortable glow when you’re entertaining.

3. Decorative Lighting

While these are similar to ambient lighting, the focus is more on the actual features themselves. Pendant lighting in the kitchen is a good example of that. But there are a wide variety of pendant fixtures. Select something that goes with the overall theme or style of your kitchen.

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