Spice Pullout Cabinet

After the essentials are placed in your kitchen layout, there may be times when a space for a smaller cabinet presents itself. A spice pullout cabinet is a great way to make use of this space. With adjustable shelves on… View Post

Mixer Shelf Cabinet

Lloyd’s has a great way to get more space on your countertop! Take your mixer off, of your countertop and into a mixer shelf cabinet. Mixer shelves are not just for mixers they can also be used for coffee makers,… View Post

Large Drawer Base

      Large bank of drawers is a great storage option for the kitchen cookware that you use every day. For easy access, your pots and pans can set in the larger bottom drawers without being buried behind other… View Post

Drop Front on Sink Bases

Lloyd’s includes this easy to use drop front on all sink base cabinet at no extra charge. No more looking at that sponge on your countertop! This insert does remove for easy cleaning. Turn a usable space into extra storage.

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